Abi Farrow

Semi permanent make up, eyebrow tattooing, practitioner covering Colchester, Harwich, Purfleet and Essex

Top Line

Eyebrows are absolutely vital to a youthful, attractive looking face! They enhance the facial features. creating a lifting effect, bringing everything together and creating asymmetry to the face.

The correct shape and thickness of your brows can genuinely take years off a face, so not only are they a perfect solution for lack of hair, they give an incredibly effective anti-ageing solution, lifting the brows & face without the help or down time of cosmetic surgery!

Lack of eyebrow hair is such a common problem – the causes vary from overzealous plucking, medical conditions, injury, the ageing process, or just our genes!

If you’re someone who has thinning eye brow hair, patchy growth, little or no hair at all, then you’ll know how your eyebrows can truly affect your overall appearance and self confidence.

Achieving natural looking eyebrows everyday using make up, is not only time consuming its temporary. Your eyebrows often will not maintain the shape you’ve created for them, longer than a few hours, requiring touch up’s throughout the day which is both inconvenient & frustrating!

To create a natural looking permanent eyebrow enhancement, we use a unique hair stroke technique that creates the look and impression of ultra fine hair strokes, giving texture and depth to your eyebrows. It’s the perfect solution for people who have sparse or no hair growth in the eyebrow region as it mimics the look of your natural hair, giving a subtle yet defined look to the eyebrow area.

As an expert in the field of permanent eyebrow enhancements, I will offer my opinion as to what I think will suit your ‘look’ best. Together we select a colour that matches & compliments your skin tone, whether you are a blonde, brunette, redhead or glamorous grey, I will work with you to ensure we create the perfect look to suit you, the individual! I can work to any specification, or requirement, whether you prefer a totally natural result or a more defined make up look, I’ll leave you looking groomed and gorgeous with a perfect long lasting set of eyebrows bespoke to you!